Perfiladeiras para Piso (Parquet)

Profiling machine for parquet flooring
Team is the longitudinal and transversal profiling machine for the production of floors and coverings. Designed to operate through various daily shifts, it can produce any type of parquet flooring, independently of the type of material; laminates, 2/3 layers, solid wood, cork, ceramic, floating etc., and the type of joint;  T&G, click G5 etc.


  • Modern technology to ensure production quantities from 30 to 170 pieces/min and large variety in workpiece dimensions: widths 58÷450 mm and lengths 300÷6000 mm.
  • Profile changes in just a few minutes thanks to the patented “floor set-up” .
  • Total process management and integration; movement, sizing, rebating, packaging etc. all “made in SCM Group”.
  • Made to measure solutions according to production quantities, workpiece dimensions and machining performed.

Technical data

 Slat dimensions:  
Width from min 58 mm to over 300 mm
Length from min 300 mm to over 5000 mm
Thickness from min 6 mm to 35 mm and larger
Machining tolerances:
Parallelism +/- 0,03 mm/metre
Closure (Step) +/- 0,025mm
Linearity (‘banana’ effect) +/- 0,05mm/metre

Celaschi Flooring Line

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